Synonym unequivocal? (2023)

What's another word for unequivocal?

no holds barred. no ifs ands or buts. no strings attached. open and shut. palpable.

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What is another word for univocal?

You might also call univocal things "unambiguous." There's no way to misunderstand something that's truly univocal — its meaning is consistent and obvious.

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What is the meaning of the word unequivocal?

: leaving no doubt : clear, unambiguous. : unquestionable.

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What is an example of unequivocal?

total, or expressed in a clear and certain way: The prime minister, he said, had the party's unequivocal support. The church has been unequivocal in its condemnation of the violence.

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What word is closest to synonym?

synonyms for closest
  • nearest.
  • neighboring.
  • on the side.
  • proximate.
  • side-by-side.
  • subsequent.
  • succeeding.
  • touching.

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What is the difference between equivocal and unequivocal?

If the statement seems intentionally unclear with the goal of distancing or deceiving, use equivocal. Unambiguous and unequivocal both indicate that something has only one interpretation, although when describing a statement unequivocal is sometimes used to emphasize an absence of deceptive intent.

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What is an example of Univocal?

Things are said to be named univocally which share not only a name but a single meaning. We say John is a man and Peter is a man; or man is an animal and horse is an animal, and "man" and "animal" mean the same thing in the two instances of their predication.

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How do you use Univocal in a sentence?

The univocal conclusion of deterioration of forest quality has been drawn. It also provides univocal, justifiable and objective cutoffs. The expectation in the rational approach was not univocal. A list of guidelines needed for univocal interpretation and classification of lesions was developed.

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What is a Univocal concept?

By extension, a term is univocal over two or more entities when it signifies the same idea for each. Again, things are equivocal (or homonymous) when they only have a name in common, the corresponding definition or account differing in each case.

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What is an alternative word?

What is another word for what?
anything thatwhatnot
all thatall the things
3 more rows

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Is there such a word as unequivocally?

in a way that is total, or expressed very clearly with no doubt: She unequivocally denied the allegations.

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What is a better word to use than literally?

adverbreally; literally. absolutely. as a matter of fact. de facto. for real.

Synonym unequivocal? (2023)
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