Synonym unchangeable? (2023)

What is another word for not changing?

Synonyms: incommutable. not subject to alteration or change. adjective. remaining the same for indefinitely long times. synonyms: changeless unchangeable.

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What's another word for unchangeable?

adj.constant, steadfast.

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What is a synonym for unchangeable decision?

Synonyms. unalterable. an unalterable fact of life. fixed. immutable.

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What is the meaning of unchanging?

unchanging. adjective. un·​chang·​ing ˌən-ˈchān-jiŋ : not changing or capable of change : constant.

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What's a word for continuously changing?

If something is constantly changing or developing because it is that thing's nature, you can call it dynamic. Dynamic is often used in business or technical writing. The Japanese economy is much more dynamic than our own. The universe is dynamic and always expanding.

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What is an example of unchanging?

not changing; not becoming different: Some Greeks felt that the universe was static and unchanging; others believed that change was constant. constantCheck to make sure your oven maintains a constant temperature. the sameYou look exactly the same as you did ten years ago!

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What is remain unchanged?

: not changed : unaltered. Her plans remain essentially unchanged.

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Does constant mean unchanging?


1 unchanging, immutable, permanent. 2 perpetual, unremitting, uninterrupted. 3 incessant, ceaseless. 4 loyal, staunch, true.

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What is the synonym of permanent not moving?

inactive, motionless, static, still.

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What is the word for something that always stays the same?

The most common word for this is constant. Constant is usually used to describe things. Check to make sure your oven maintains a constant temperature.

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What is a word for continuing without stopping?

unceasing, constant, continuous, never-ending, perpetual; eternal, unrelenting, unremitting. See synonyms for incessant on

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What is the best synonym for decision?

synonyms for decision
  • accord.
  • agreement.
  • arrangement.
  • choice.
  • compromise.
  • determination.
  • finding.
  • judgment.

Synonym unchangeable? (2023)
What do you call an impulsive decision?

unpredictable. unpremeditated. unprompted. up-and-down. winging it.

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