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What is a Health and Safety Checklist?

A health and safety checklist is a tool used to reinforce Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) practices and help organizations comply with safety rules and regulations. Performing regular inspections using health and safety checklist templates is a proactive approach to preventing work-related incidents, injuries, and illnesses.

Workplace Health and Safety Audit Checklist

Download Free Template

A workplace health and safety audit checklist is a tool used in performing internal and external audits of an office or any working environment. Use this digital checklist to assess if workplace health and safety (WHS) practices are followed. Maximize this template by using the points below as a guide:

  1. Perform a site inspection and assess areas of the workplace including emergency procedures, first aid, and PPE’s in place
  2. Take or attach photo of issues identified
  3. Add notes or comments to inspections
  4. Assign corrective measures for non-compliant items.
  5. Sign off with digital signatures

    The use of health and safety inspection checklists can also help organizations apply the latest best practices for situations or changes in the workplace that impact lives and livelihood.

    What are the 5 Elements of Safety?

    A behavior-based program in the workplace is the first step toward an effective safety culture, but it isn’t the only step. More than using health and safety checklist templates, a safety culture is an alignment in attitudes, beliefs, and values across teams in an organization in relation to safety. Collaboration is vital in ensuring an effective organizational safety culture so that everyone makes a conscious effort to promote their own and others’ safety. Focusing on the elements below will help in creating and promoting a collaborative safety culture.

    (Video) Safety checklist software & app: Streamline safety checklists and inspections

    • Leadership
      Leading by example is the best way to promote a strong safety culture in an organization. Leaders should demonstrate the model for safe and healthy behavior that everyone else can follow. As such, people in management should have a firm grasp of the elements and principles of safety and good health.
    • Responsibility
      A sense of responsibility should be shared by everyone in the organization so that a safety culture can be promoted and implemented. Each individual within the organization should share the belief that they are all morally and ethically bound to act in a way that safeguards and promotes the health and safety of fellow employees, the company, and society as a whole.
    • Accountability
      Management teams and team leaders should be held accountable for the people they oversee. Setting an example is vital because the behavior of leaders will influence the behavior of those around them. This also means that promoting a safety culture should be integrated into the responsibilities of leaders.
    • Clear expectations
      The expectations that come with creating an organization-wide safety culture should be set at the onset and communicated properly to everyone across the organization. Commitment to an organization’s safety culture must come from the top because the quickest way to spread this commitment is from the top down. Employees will be encouraged to adhere to and promote a safety culture if it’s evident that their leaders are committed to the cause.
    • Ethics
      It should go without saying that management systems should be driven by ethics—and it’s the same with the creation of a safety culture. The goal of a strong safety culture is not only to ensure that employees adhere to set safety rules, they should also make decisions that are moral and ethical. A company should hire people that share its core values and that know how to make rational and ethical decisions in their everyday lives.

    How Can You Identify Health and Safety Problems?

    Every workplace will have hazards; depending on the industry, businesses will have to contend with different types of hazards that come with the job. The question is, are these hazards avoidable and can they be identified before they cause untoward incidents? It is an employer’s legal responsibility to look after employees and protect them from health and safety hazards in the workplace, and knowing the common types of hazards is the first step in avoiding work-related accidents and injuries.

    • Physical hazards
      This is the most common workplace hazard. Contrary to popular belief, physical hazards don’t need to make contact with a person to cause harm. These include extreme temperatures, prolonged exposure to the sun, radiation, and constant exposure to loud noises.
    • Ergonomic hazards
      Ergonomic hazards are present when the nature of work places employees under stressful conditions or in situations where the body is put under significant strain. Ergonomic hazards are often unrecognized because the harm that they cause is not immediate. Some conditions that pose ergonomic hazards include non-ergonomic workstations, frequent lifting without following best practices, repetitive movements, repeated forcible motion, and exposure to constant and excessive vibration.
    • Chemical hazards
      Chemical hazards are present if workers are exposed to any harmful chemical substance in any form (solid, liquid, or gas). Different substances have different levels of risk and different people will have different levels of tolerance to different chemical substances. Chemical hazards include pesticides, cleaning solvents, flammable substances, dangerous gases, and vapors and fumes from welding or solvents.
    • Biological hazards
      Biological hazards are present when the nature of work involves working with animals, infectious plants, and bacteria and viruses that can cause adverse health effects.

    Health and Safety Inspection App

    Paper-based methods can be time-consuming and hard to keep track. Eliminate paperwork and automate workflows for easier data collection and documentation.

    iAuditor is a powerful health and safety software that lets you proactively manage safety and quality in your business with the use of your mobile device or tablet. Use iAuditor for health and safety checks and be able to:

      • Streamline Audits
        Save time from manual entry when doing an audit with our EHS software. Attach notes and media directly using the iAuditor mobile app. Learn more here.
      • Automate communication
        Receive immediate notifications when critical risks are identified or when audit scores start to drop.
      • Deliver immediate actions
        Create corrective actions for issues in need of immediate resolution. Assign actions to members of the organization and set the time, date, and priority level. Learn more here.
      • Gain safety & quality insights
        Get real-time insights from comprehensive reports that are automatically generated every time you complete an audit. Preview sample report here.
      • Share reports immediately
        Automatically send your reports to multiple recipients. Reports are shareable in multiple formats and delivery options.

    Health and Safety Checklists

    Working From Home Health and Safety Checklist Template

    Download Free Template

    Workers who are currently working from home can use this working from home health and safety checklist template to check if their home-based workspace is safe and conducive for a home office setup. This checklist assesses personal health and wellbeing, lone worker considerations, and workspace safety.

    Health and Safety Checklist for COVID-19

    Download Free Template

    (Video) 35 Point Health and Safety Checklist

    Use this COVID-19 Checklist to ensure that your organization has taken all the necessary preventive measures to curtail the spread of the coronavirus. This checklist will assist in the implementation of health and hygiene measures in the workplace and in the review process of your facilities.

    Monthly Health and Safety Inspection Checklist

    Download Free Template

    Use this health and safety inspection checklist to perform monthly inspections of a restaurant or food venue. Prevent serious incidents by checking the existence and condition of fire exits, signs, fire extinguishers, and other emergency procedures in place. Evaluate ergonomic practices shown by employees to avoid sprains and other injuries. Prevent cuts and lacerations by ensuring that sharp objects are used correctly and stored properly. Conduct this safety inspection to prevent safety risks including chemical poisoning, burns, and other related work-related hazards.

    • Preview Sample PDF Report

    General Workplace Health and Safety Checklist

    Download Free Template

    Use this general workplace health and safety checklist to have a quick run through with the overall condition of the workplace. It is an easy read-confirm checklist which includes inspection of communication processes, risk management, manual tasks, hazardous substances handling, infection control systems, rehabilitation and stress hazards. Use iAuditor to conduct quick checks of your workplace.

    HSE Risk Assessment

    Download Free Template

    Risk Assessments are essential to determine the severity and frequency of health and safety risks and determine the best control measures to mitigate or eliminate those risks. Use this HSE Risk Assessment to prioritize which H&S risk needs full attention to avoid workplace accidents or fatalities.

    (Video) Checklist Inspector - Auditing and Safety Inspection made easy

    OSHA Health and Safety Policy Template

    Download Free Template

    This health and safety policy template is based on OSHA regulatory standards and converted using iAuditor. This checklist is composed of 7 sections covering (1) management leadership, (2) worker participation, (3) Hazard identification, (4) Hazard prevention, (5) Education and training, (6) Program evaluation, and (7) Communication and coordination. Use iAuditor to comply with the OSHA standards on health and safety and use the app on your mobile device to capture evidence of non-compliance.

    EHS Audit

    Download Free Template

    Use this Environment Health and Safety Audit to conduct a visual inspection of the workplace. Check the general safety of the site. Identify electrical and fire hazards and capture photo/s as evidence. Evaluate if proper laboratory controls are applied to prevent contamination and overexposure to chemicals. Lastly, if applicable, check condition of vehicles used for operation to prevent vehicular accidents.

    Health and Safety Induction Checklist

    Download Free Template

    This Health and Safety Induction Checklist can be used as part of an HR program when onboarding new employees. HR representative should start by informing employees about the health and safety policies. Discuss fire safety measures. Highlight the importance of housekeeping in the workplace. Inform workers about the proper accident reporting procedures. Educate employees on proper hygiene to avoid the spread of diseases. Introduce the safety advisers to the new employees and the discuss H&S requirements. Complete the Health and Safety Induction Checklist by getting all participants sign using iAuditor’s signature feature.

    (Video) Super Safety Checklist

    Hazard identification

    Download Free Template

    Visit this Hazard Identification page to learn more about ways of identifying potential health and safety hazards in your workplace. Check out the best hazard identification checklists to evaluate the overall health and safety of your workplace, and set preventive controls to reduce or eliminate risks. iAuditor is an efficient tool to record significant data about safety. Generate real time reports and notify your supervisor when hazards are detected.

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    SafetyCulture staff writer

    Carlo Sheen Escano

    Carlo Sheen Escano is a contributing writer for SafetyCulture based in Makati City, Philippines. Sheen has experience in digital marketing and has been writing for SafetyCulture since 2018. His articles mainly discuss risks in the workplace and well-known safety and quality processes used to mitigate them. Furthermore, Sheen is passionate about providing insights to global customers on how technology can help them to do the best work of their lives.

    (Video) Free Construction Safety Checklist -

    Carlo Sheen Escano is a contributing writer for SafetyCulture based in Makati City, Philippines. Sheen has experience in digital marketing and has been writing for SafetyCulture since 2018. His articles mainly discuss risks in the workplace and well-known safety and quality processes used to mitigate them. Furthermore, Sheen is passionate about providing insights to global customers on how technology can help them to do the best work of their lives.


    How do I make an inspection checklist? ›

    How to prepare a Quality Checklist Template
    1. Start with inspection checklist templates.
    2. Customize checklists for your project and scope of work.
    3. Prepare project-specific checklists "just-in-time"
    4. Keep checklists short and focused.
    5. Organize checklists the way you will inspect.
    6. Refine your checklists continuously.

    What is the purpose of using a safety assessment checklist? ›

    Safety-audit checklists allow you to conduct a much-easier examination of all potential hazards in the workplace. That way, your personnel will know what type of corrective actions you need to take to fix potential problems.

    What are the 4 general areas to check during a safety audit? ›

    How to Conduct a Safety Audit
    • Four effective steps to ensuring a smoother functioning and safer workplace. ...
    • Purpose of Workplace Audits. ...
    • Step 1: Inspect the General Work Environment. ...
    • Step 2: Do a Walk-through of all Areas. ...
    • Step 3: Make a Complete Listing of All Work Tasks. ...
    • Step 4: Replace, Repair, and Restore.
    Nov 23, 2016

    What is a safety audit checklist? ›

    What Is A Safety Audit Checklist? A safety audit checklist is a document used by companies to ensure their workspaces are compliant with industry health and safety standards. This document helps to identify any potential dangers or risks within your workplace and are used to foster a safe work environment.

    What is HSE checklist? ›

    A health and safety compliance checklist is a tool used to reinforce best practices and help you comply with safety regulations. Performing regular inspections using safety checklist templates prevents accidents at work, and will help protect your business during an EHO inspection.

    What is a workplace safety checklist? ›

    A workplace safety checklist is a tool used by safety officers to inspect office workplace environments to identify unsafe conditions and work practices that are likely to provoke injuries.

    What is quality checklist? ›

    A quality control checklist is basically a written guide for your products' contents, packaging, color, barcodes, appearance, possible defects, functions and special requirements. It's also sometimes called an “inspection criteria sheet” or inspection checklist.

    How do I create an inspection checklist in Word? ›

    How to Create a checklist in a document for Microsoft Word

    How do I create an inspection sheet in Excel? ›

    SOLIDWORKS Inspection - Creating a Custom Report Template [Pt. 1]

    What are three different items that would be on a safety inspection checklist? ›

    7 commonly used safety checklists
    • Administrative requirements for record-keeping.
    • General safety and health provisions.
    • PPE and life-saving equipment management.
    • Fire protection guidelines.
    • Signs, signals and barricades to prevent accidents.
    • Proper materials handling, storage, use and disposal.

    Why is it important to have safety checklist in the workplace? ›

    Safety checklists provide a tool for determining possible workplace hazards and should be completed during inspections, reported on, used as a basis for safety recommendations and filed for record-keeping purposes.

    What are the benefits of using a checklist? ›

    Checklists help us move quickly, be more efficient, and save time. This in turn allows us to focus on more creative activities. It helps us be more specific, and be more confident when delegating tasks. Evidence shows that the simple checklist can help save lives.

    What is safety audit PDF? ›

    Safety audit system is an important tool for identifying and assessing the status of existing occupational safety and health management system in an industry. It is carried out by qualified occupational safety and health professionals or safety auditors.

    What is the inspection checklist? ›

    An inspection checklist, when used properly, is an assurance that a particular piece of equipment has been inspected. As each item on the checklist is ticked off, the person doing the inspection is verifying that each component of the equipment is in correct working order.

    What are the 3 types of audits? ›

    There are three main types of audits: external audits, internal audits, and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audits. External audits are commonly performed by Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firms and result in an auditor's opinion which is included in the audit report.

    What items might be included on a checklist used to evaluate a workplace for safety every day? ›

    General Industry Workplace Safety Checklist
    • Building evacuation drawings with exits, pathways and emergency gathering space marked.
    • Fire doors to equipment room and storage marked and in good working order.
    • Non-exit doorways clearly marked.
    • Exterior roof access.
    Sep 7, 2017

    What is a self audit checklist? ›

    “Self-Audit” Checklist. Purpose. This checklist is designed to help departments evaluate processes and procedures used to track and report performance measures. The checklist helps ensure sufficient controls are in place to support the City Auditor's certification of the targets and actuals reported for each measure.

    What is a home safety checklist? ›

    Home Safety Checklist for Children

    Never leave young children unattended. Cover all unused electrical sockets and keep electrical cords out of children's reach. Install protective padding on the corners of furniture with sharp edges. Use safety latches and locks on cabinets and drawers.

    Which items must appear on the health & safety Rep inspection checklist? ›

    1. Working Environment
    • Is there proper and adequate ventilation?
    • Are all lights working and is there sufficient lighting?
    • Are security systems (CCTV cameras, radios, alarms) in place and working?
    • Is there enough working space for employees?
    • Are floors and floor coverings, e.g. carpets, in good condition?

    What are 5 very important things that are inspected in a home inspection? ›

    What inspectors look for. The home inspection will include anything that's affected by water flow — piping, showers, bathtubs, sinks, faucets, toilets, and spigots. Inspectors will check for leaking, corroding, and cracked pipes, in addition to evidence of any DIY work and repairs.

    How do I write a workplace inspection report? ›

    Elements of a useful safety inspection report
    1. Comprehensive recordkeeping. Workplace safety programs require comprehensive records of any safety lapses in the work area being inspected. ...
    2. Data analysis. Familiarize yourself with all documented procedures and work practices, as well as all equipment. ...
    3. Cite good practices.
    Sep 8, 2021

    What are the two types of workplace inspections? ›

    Pre-operation checks involve inspections of new or modified equipment or processes. Often these are done after workplace shutdowns. Periodic inspections are regular, planned inspections of the critical components of equipment or systems that have a high potential for causing serious injury or illness.

    What does Jha stand for? ›

    What is a job hazard analysis? A job hazard analysis (JHA), also called a job safety analysis (JSA), is a technique to identify the dangers of specific tasks in order to reduce the risk of injury to workers.

    What are the types of checklist? ›

    Here are five types of checklists you can use to make your workplace safer and more efficient:
    • To-do Checklists. This is the most common type of checklist. ...
    • Training Checklists. ...
    • Task Checklist. ...
    • Troubleshooting Checklist. ...
    • Coordination Checklists.

    What are the 4 types of quality control? ›

    What Are the 4 Types of Quality Control? There are several methods of quality control. These include an x-bar chart, Six Sigma, 100% inspection mode, and the Taguchi Method.

    How do I create a PDF checklist? ›

    How to Create a Checklist in PDF - YouTube

    What is checklist and example? ›

    1. The definition of a checklist is a list of things that can be checked off as completed or noted. An example of a checklist is when you have ten things to do for work and you make a list of all of them and you check them off as you accomplish each of them.

    Is Word or Excel better for checklists? ›

    Microsoft Excel Pros

    Better if you want to combine multiple elements onto the page e.g. a habit tracker and a checklist or a daily schedule and notes box etc.

    How do I make a simple checklist in Excel? ›

    How to Create a To-Do List in Excel - YouTube

    How do I make a digital checklist? ›

    How to Make a Digital Checklist in Google Sheets - YouTube

    What items would you include on the safety checklist? ›

    The most important things to include on a daily safety checklist are the following: No broken windows, doors or other openings. All floor surfaces clean and free from spillages and debris. No tripping or obstruction hazards, particularly wires which must be insulated and safely laid.

    What is a safety walk through? ›

    A safety walkthrough checklist is a tool that provides managers with the ability to get an overall look at safety procedures, behaviors and observed hazards within a building or a department. The checklist is designed to remind employees of which areas to examine and what details are crucial for safety.

    How do you conduct a safety audit at work? ›

    When an OHS Audit is conducted, it must: Identify risks along with the level of risks within the workplace. Identify any strengths as well as weaknesses in the OHS procedures and OHS program. Compare current documentation as well as practices against best practices, legal requirements, and SafetyWallet protocols.

    How do I prepare for an EHS audit? ›

    What to Do Before an EHS Audit?
    1. Find out What Tools Can Help You Stay Compliant. Having an EHS management system for your facility is a good way to maintain your compliance. ...
    2. Determine What Regulations Apply to Your Facility. ...
    3. Compile Necessary Documentation. ...
    4. Make Sure You Are Aware of:
    Feb 4, 2021

    What is safety audit PDF? ›

    Safety audit system is an important tool for identifying and assessing the status of existing occupational safety and health management system in an industry. It is carried out by qualified occupational safety and health professionals or safety auditors.

    DFARS compliance checklists to be DFARS compliant and maintain cybersecurity standards. Download iAuditor for free DFARS compliance checklist.

    This DFARS compliance checklist is used in performing self-assessment on information systems.. DoD contractors can use this checklist to evaluate if current information systems provide adequate security by adhering to DFARS requirements and regulations.. A DFARS compliance self-assessment checklist is a tool used by manufacturers or contractors to evaluate current mechanisms in place to ensure adequate security for information systems.. Since the primary purpose of DFARS documents is to ensure that DoD contractors and subcontractors are complying with their set requirements, it is ideal to conduct self-assessments using a digital checklist .. Are changes to the system authorized by company management and documented?. Are controls in place that limit the tools, techniques, mechanisms, and employees used to maintain information systems, devices, and supporting systems?. Does the company only provide access to media from CUI systems to approved individuals?. (e.g., 24 hours) Does the company retrieve all company information system-related property from the terminated or transferred employee within a certain timeframe?. Do system owners and company managers upon recognition of any vulnerability provide an action plan for remediation, acceptance, avoidance, or transference of the vulnerability risk?. Has a periodic (e.g., annual) security assessment been conducted to ensure that security controls are implemented correctly and meet the security requirements?. Does the system monitor and manage communications at the system boundary and at key internal boundaries within the system?. Are the company’s information security policies (including architectural design, software development, and system engineering principles) designed to promote information security?. Applying DFARS standards not only protects the company against security breaches but also ensures the integrity of its security measures.. Conducting regular assessments such as risk assessment , gap analysis, and DFARS compliance self-assessment helps in providing data you can use to improve your information systems.

    Mystery shopper checklists for your mystery shopper surveys. Get started with iAuditor for efficient mystery shopping reports.

    Also called mystery shopper forms, mystery shopper checklists typically cover multiple areas of an establishment such as customer service, cleanliness, product quality, overall layout, and compliance with safety regulations, service guidelines, and business procedures.. A mystery shopper, also known as a secret shopper, ghost shopper, or anonymous shopper, is usually an agency-employed individual hired by companies to go to actual business premises and provide insight into a typical customer experience.. Mystery shopping checklists contain a list of questions that can guide mystery shoppers on what to do and what to observe during the actual mystery shopper survey.. How the staff interacts with guests and customers, the employees present, and the overall treatment that the mystery shopper receives from the establishment are usually recorded on the mystery shopping checklists to assess if the service provided in an establishment is meeting business expectations and following protocol.. Mystery shopping checklists ultimately will ask the mystery shopper questions that help assess the quantity and quality of products and services offered at establishments.. Hotel Mystery Shopping Hotel mystery shoppers are more often referred to as mystery guests, and they usually stay in hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, and spas.. Restaurant Mystery Shopping Restaurant mystery shoppers normally lookout for the top two elements that set food service establishments apart: food quality and customer service.

    You with safety and federal, and other types of

    Your health and free and health safety templates free.. Health and safety policy template Health and Safety.. Safety templates health and free template.. Find this free to staff as free health and safety templates are many health and approve it all of people refer to health and identify which gives recruiters an owner.. This free to meet the free health and safety templates and as they are workplace health and how to hazardous condition of.. 10 Health & Safety Templates ideas templates health and.. You are health and safety templates free health standards are no objectivity, just work and reported on paperwork and safety policy is occupational health and reviewed every contractor safety?. How to make it complies with health and safety templates free health and safety file is put in.. Safety form templates Use these safety templates free.. Access a free safety arrangements including the driver intoxicated or the download and health safety templates free download is nebosh qualified competent health and safety.. If all health insurance with free osha health and will monitor improvements, construction project management systems, but opting out the health and safety templates free and regulations requirements.. Safety Plan Templates there so many types from grace construction safety requirements through to begin health plans Safety Plan.. Risk Assessment Hazardous Substances Hazards Health and Safety Safety Resources Free Form Templates Data Collection Template Safety Templates.


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